Checking in

I post very little online these days, because I have very little to say.

That may be a sign of depression, or it may just be I live an unremarkable life in the precise meaning of unremarkable.

Which is at odds with the name of the blog; Ago Magnus; live large.

I have let my life become small, and I'm not sure why.
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Ok, so there's this facebook meme, and I have a different take, and I'm putting it here because it's a good place:

Here's the meme:

And a slightly different take (mine):

The difference between philosophy and bulls**t is whether a beer is in hand while looking for a cat. Which is which is a different question.

Metaphysics is being in a dark room saying 'Here, kitty, kitty' to a cat that may or may not be there.

Religion is claiming there's a cat in a dark room, and saying 'if we believe, the cat will appear.'

Science being outside on a moonless night looking for a black cat that may, or may not be there and if it is, may or may not be alive, and if it is, may or may not be moving, with a fucking dim flashlight.
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End of April.

Weather is warm, it is spring after all. My friends list has dwindled, as they rarely if ever post here. Strange, but not; after all life is but change.
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Diversity and Racism

Has anybody out there ever stopped and thought about the inherent racism that drives diversity efforts? I mean, really, well-meaning or not, diversity programs are a recognition of racism, and only serve to perpetuate the underlying racism.

Want to get rid of racism? Ignore it for 3 or 4 generations. Can't, the human race is inherently xenophobic, but the American experience shows that after 3 generations, cultural differences fade away, along with biases from minor phyisonomic (bad spelling) differences, such as fair/blond vs olive complected.

Actually ignoring it is damn difficult, especially when racial targets insist on perpetuating the (social) behaviors that cause xenophobia. But, create goals that cut across those social actions, like political power, economic wealth, and sexual availability, and that xenophobia gets transferred to those who are perceived as denying those goals.

ISIS is xenophobic because they see their cultural goals being denied by the onset of the technological world. Russia is xenophobic because they see their inherently insular view of the world being marginalized. Cops are xenophobic because they are paid to be.

The Christian Trinity as a teaching device for enlightenment

In Buddhism, and the same but different in Hinduism, the religious goal is to attain enlightenment, freeing one from the wheel of life and entering Nirvana. This is accomplished in several ways; the eight-fold path, Zen meditation, and so on. Particularly in Buddhism, the sutras, transmissions of the Buddha and the sages, are used as meditative devices to teach the postulant the mysteries of enlightenment.

This, despite the oft-repeated teaching of the sages, that there is no secret.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is the all-God, the Universal, by which all things are embodied. The Son is the teacher, the transmitter of the knowledge by which the student is made one with the Father, that is, enlightened according to the Eastern traditions. The Holy Spirit is the act/experience/realization of that oneness.

The Holy Spirit visited/came upon the Apostles after a period of intense conflict and inspection of their beliefs following the 'death' of the Son. This parallels some of the descriptions of the act of being enlightened by some Zen schools. The no-mind state can be stimulated into the enlightened state.

What then does the stimulus of the Holy Spirit consist of? Or, does is Holy Spirit literal, an actual emanation of the Father, in whose presence a properly prepared student experiences enlightenment? Or, does it matter? All that would truly matter is that the student experiences the immanence, the self-Godhood that enlightenment represents. Thus, the concepts of the Son (teacher) and Holy Spirit (catalyst) become teaching stages for a student of enlightenment.

If this is a realistic assessment of the Trinity, than the historical life of Christ is irrelevant except as a transmission of teaching, and only the teaching is important.

As is said; the teacher opens the door. The student must enter.